At Sunden Farms we understand that taking care of the environment is key to the health and future for generations to come.

Low Water Usage.   Our greenhouse growing methods retain over 96% of the water within our systems.  The only water consumed is from plant transpiration and evaporation. Collection of rainwater allows us to irrigate our outdoor crops without using valuable ground water.  To fully understand how little water we consume think of the following:
1.  We use less water than the average four person household.
2. With the amount of water that you use in a 5 minute shower daily, we can grow over 3,000 lbs of produce over a three week period.  That is enough vegetables to meet the Canadian Food Guide recommendations for over 4,000 New Brunswickers.

Low Carbon.  At Sunden Farms we believe that change is required in order to mitigate the effects of fossil fuel use.  New Brunswick only produces 8% of the vegetables and fruit required to sustain our population.  The remaining produce is transported over thousands of kilometers to reach your dinner table.  The solution is to grow our food locally 365 days a year.  Each one of our greenhouses will reduce the carbon footprint by 136 Metric Tonnes (MT) per year. Producing locally also reduces the amount of wear on our roads reducing infrastructure costs.  Over 10 years, it is estimated that our local production will reduce carbon emissions by 123,000 MT and save over $5.7 Million in carbon costs. We also source a carbon neutral heating fuel that  is sustainable and locally provided.

Natural Fertilizer.  Using natural sources of fertilizer, our plants grow rapidly and in controlled environments.  This allows us to naturally ripen our vegetables and fruit.  We do not use any gas to artificially ripen our produce.  Even our outdoor crops use natural fertilizer that we mix with rainwater for irrigation.  Our fertilizers are naturally occurring and will not cause any harm to the environment.  They will NOT contaminate ground water.  They are also bee friendly!