Investment Opportunity

Sunden Farms is looking for motivated investors that want to be on the cutting edge of local food production. Covid-19 has reinforced the need for local food security. We are looking to expand our indoor production by 2,200lbs per week. We have an existing customer base and a requirement to drastically increase our production. We have five retail products and five wholesale product lines that we do not have the volume to fill.

We are looking to raise between $700,000 and $1,800,000 to meet this demand. We are offering both common and preferred share options for serious investors that want to contribute to change in NB.

NB currently imports over $500,000,000 of these products every year. We are looking to replace the imported produce with a higher quality product that last longer, tastes better and provides a better source of nutrition for our communities.

We have developed new growing techniques that allow us to produce our products year round in controlled environments. We have the ability to match imports prices while maintaining a respectable profit margin.

In addition, Sunden Farms is ideally situated on Route 114 within the community of Lower Coverdale. We are in the country but closer to downtown Moncton than the North End of Moncton. The farm is 165 acres with beuatiful views overlooking the Petitcodiac River. It is the ideal location for Market 114.